Commercial and Private Trim Carpentry 

Whether it's a large commercial contract or a private, custom assignment - we approach each job with the same attention to detail and thoughtful consideration for all the various factors involved (including time restraints, budget, other subcontractors, design specs, etc.). We are dedicated to the highest-quality work and a commitment to honest, open, two-way communication throughout the process.


Commercial work 

Our portfolio includes trim carpentry and finishing at some of Nashville's most influential and beloved institutions, including the Bridgestone HQ and Welch College. Our clients will tell you: Our work is on time, on budget, completed to the highest standards of quality, and with crews you can trust. 

private Projects

Commercial work is the mainstay of our business, but we do enjoy a creative private assignment from time to time - particularly those that allow us to flex our creative muscles. Ask us about that time we built a bridge over a celebrity's personal trout stream!



A beautiful, custom living space doesn't have to be expensive or austere. We love collaborating with our residential clients to develop custom solutions that are perfect, comfortable, and safe for their unique needs and families.

Excellence in hiring

We believe that how we treat our employees is reflected the quality of our work. We are committed to hiring, training and workforce practices that ensure a happy and dedicated team of professionals. We place a particular emphasis on hiring women, minorities, and veterans.


Other Projects 

  • pressure washing

  • Decking

  • Fencing 

  • Custom cabinetry

  • ada compliance

  • excavation