Care and respect from planning to punch list.

The care and respect with which we treat our clients, employees and each other translates into high-quality, precision work delivered with clearly communicated expectations - throughout every step of the project, from planning to punch list. We are craftsmen. We are professionals.

We are Carpenters Trusst. (We also happen to be family!)


Tim Lanier 

Tim Lanier grew up in Western Kentucky, attended the University of Kentucky, and has worked in construction, contracting and carpentry for eight years. He moved to Nashville in 2015 to be near his sister, Sam and his wife, Jenn.  

Tim is known by clients, coworkers, and friends as a personable, loyal, and responsible business owner who enlists good people to get the job done on time and on budget. He is proactive in spotting opportunities to make projects better as well as in identifying and communicating problems early on.

And he enjoys building relationships as much as he enjoys building things.

When he’s not working, Tim loves to socialize, relax in nature, and play games with Jenn and her daughters, Sara and Abby.

Tim is full of ideas, great with people and animals, and the life of the party - usually one he's organized. Tim is basically the mayor of Carpenters Trusst.

I particularly like complicated, large commercial projects with multiple phases and trades.

— Tim Lanier

Jenn Stone 

Jenn is originally from Crossville, Tenn., and has lived in the Nashville area for 25 years.

She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with both a B.B.A. in Finance and an MBA and has helped launch several family businesses - including Carpenters Trusst, her oldest daughter Sara’s babysitting service, and Girls To The Moon.

Jenn is known as an empathetic problem solver who is great at understanding both processes and people. For Carpenters Trusst, she manages time entry, payroll, invoice processing and payments, insurance and licensing requirements, and general bookkeeping.

When she’s not working, Jenn enjoys knitting, reading, and binge watching the latest HBO or Netflix series.

Jenn enjoys building efficiencies into processes, and she keeps the trains moving on time and in the right direction in all parts of her life. She is de facto chief of staff for Carpenters Trusst.

I really like figuring out ways to automate or streamline manual, complicated processes so work is easier for everyone.
— Jenn Stone

Sam Bradley 

Sam grew up in Western Kentucky and has lived in Nashville for 10 years. She has an MBA from Bethel University and received her undergraduate in Public Relations from Murray State.

Sam's communications background comes in handy in her work as a project manager and trim carpenter for Carpenters Trusst. She is an excellent listener and takes care to understand what clients really want and need.

"I love projects in which clients want help with concept and design of high-end trim carpentry. I love delighting our clients and helping them to be proud of their projects," Sam said.

Sam is a passionate ambassador for skilled trade and of forging career paths for those in the construction arts. Her teams frequently say they've "never felt as supported and proud of their craft" as when they've been working with her.

Sam is like the secretary of state for Carpenters Trusst.

I love finding budget-friendly ways to get the high-end finishes and jaw-dropping results they’re dreaming of!
— Sam Bradley